Combination Package -- Components
Force Board Pull Down System -- Track Your Training
Force Board Pull Up Infographic -- Matt
Weight Free Training Collage
Force Board Pull Up System -- Indoors
Force Board Plate -- Outside -- Red Rocks
Force Board Portable Device -- Outside
Defiant Pose -- Force Board Pull Down System
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Force Board Combo Pack

Force Board is currently in a pre-launch phase. Visit our pre-launch landing page to reserve special VIP pricing!

Force Board Combo Pack – When You Need it All! 

Force Board is a smart, weight-free strength training system targeting rock climbers and other athletes that require potent strength training for fingers and other muscle groups. 

This Force Board system consists of 


 Force Board Portable

  • 300 kg or 450 kg force gauge
  • Two 5 kN carabiners
  • Short quick-adjust strap 


Force Board Portable System


Pull-Down Package

  • Lightweight collapsible A-frame
  • Snap-on oppositional-force belt
  • 300 kg load capacity 


Force Board Pull Down System


Pull-Up Package

  • 300 kg bamboo & steel force plate
  • 300 kg lightweight steel bar
  • Two long quick-adjust straps