Force Board: Weight-Free Strength Training Platform

A smart, weight-free strength training platform for rock climbers and other athletes to train fingers and major muscle groups.

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EyeSend Glasses Adjust from Slabs to Overhangs

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What Are Belay Glasses?

Belaying can literally be a pain in the neck.

Regular belay glasses are good, but the adjustable prisms in EyeSend belay glasses are a huge leap forward!

Change your view using the optics of your glasses instead of the muscles of your neck!

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They're Like Cams for Your Eyes

Hexes used to be the best thing going to protect crack climbs. Then cams along and we never looked back.

Just like cams are better than hexes, EyeSend glasses change the game compared to regular belay glasses.

The rotation makes all the difference!

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What Climbers Are Saying About EyeSend Glasses

"These glasses are amazing! The adjustable feature allows you to stand in a comfortable position without craning your neck to see your belayer. Who knew such a simple addition to belay glasses could be so revolutionary!?"

Beth Rodden, Mother, Pro Climber, Writer

"I see climbers with tight necks all the time in my clinic. Cranking your neck up to give a good belay is not what your spine is meant to do. The adjustable EyeSend glasses are way better than regular belay glasses at letting you keep a neutral neck position while not losing sight of your climber. All belayers should get a pair!"

Dr. Tyler Nelson. Camp4 Human Performance, DC, MS, CSCS

"A clever improvement on a crucial piece of cragging kit.  But be  warned; I got some strange looks when I wore them to the bar."

Cedar Wright. Professional Climber and Filmmaker…God Among Men

“The adjustability in the PitchSix EyeSend is a game changer. As a climber with a severely injured neck, I am forced to rely on belay glasses for all belaying. I have made do with what was on offer for too long and suffered when belaying for anything but very short periods. The moveable lens in the EyeSend gives me a better range of vision than anything else I’ve used, and allows me to belay for way longer, with basically zero discomfort. Thanks PitchSix!”

Liam Lonsdale. Passionate climber, professional photographer, pursuer of excellence

"The  adjustable feature is brilliant! This fixes my biggest problem with my (previous) belay glasses--my neck never quite could get into a relaxed  position. You have solved this problem!"

Eric Hörst. Climber * Author * Performance Coach * Researcher * Speaker