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Belay glasses on man showing that he has a wide range of view with his rock climbing glasses
Showing the differeance of normal belay glasses and our best belay glasses
Rockcliming belay Glasses Blue with Adjustable view
EyeSend belay glasses with a white background.
Shoing how you can control the belay glasses angel and view
Girl wearing EyeSend Belay Glasses inside of the climbing gym.
Up close view of the best belay glasses for rock climbing
Karsten Delap using EyeSend belay glasses watching as the other rock climber goes up
EyeSend belay glasses with case on a wooden background. Quickdraws, nuts and climbing chalk in the background of the belay glasses.
Showing what angles the belay glasses are getting from above

Belay Glasses EyeSend Adjustable View

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Belay Glasses Without Bending Your Neck!


Eliminates Neck Strain

Three Fields of View

The EyeSend belay glasses have three view; through, over, and under.

    A Solid Frame Withstands Crag Use!

    EyeSend belay glasses have strong, lightweight, polycarbonate frame. The design maximizes peripheral view and there's grippy rubber inserts on the temples.

    Easy On, Easy Off! Fits over most prescription glasses.

    Neck strap avoids ears for easy on/off even when wearing a hat or helmet.

    An Awesome Case Design!

    EyeSend case is packed with features. It's got quick-close velcro and a solid shell lined with velvet pocket.

    In the Box

    The EyeSend belay glasses come with a Synthetic Leather EVA case and a field service kit.

      Belay Glasses 101

      Regular belay glasses have a fixed view of 60 degrees. The EyeSend belay glasses have rotating mirror that adjust from 60 to 120 degree.



      EyeSend belay optics eliminates neck pain by allowing you to adjust your field of view using the optics in the glasses instead of the muscles in your neck. They are the first adjustable-view glasses on the market that are of high quality and multi-pitch. 

      Current rock climbing glasses only elevate your field of view by a fixed 60°. If you climb on cliffs steeper than this, you’re compensating by craning your neck which causes strain. The EyeSend field of view is adjustable from a 60° slab to a 120° overhanging route. You can use this range of adjustment to maintain a neutral, pain-free neck position while belaying, regardless of the cliff angle.

      Key Features

      • Adjustable view angle
      • Increased belayer comfort leads to a safer belay
      • Three fields of view: Through, Over, Under
      • Left-hand-only adjustment that works great with a GriGri
      • Solid frame, made from 25% reused material, unlike plastic frames 
      • Easy on/off integrated using a neck strap
      • An EVA hard-shell case with beefy 1/2" webbing attachment
      • One planted tree for every pair sold!
      • Great peripheral vision with large prisms. 

      Technical Belay Specs

      • Climbing Glasses
        • View range: 60° (low angle slab) to 120° (steep overhang)
        • Weight: 50 grams
        • Frame material: Polycarbonate plastic, 25% recycled
        • Lens material: Anti-reflection-coated glass
        • Mirror material: Glass
      • Carrying Case
        • Weight: 70 grams
        • Material: EVA hard-shell case
        • Webbing: 1/2" nylon with D-ring
      • Included in Box
        • EyeSend glasses
        • Integrated neck strap
        • Case w/carabiner
        • Microfiber cleaning cloth
        • L-wrench for field servicing
        • Spare screw

      Designed and Built in the USA

      Belay googles reflect the image of the climber twice. The first reflection is off the mirror-coated bottom of the prism. Like any mirror, this first reflection inverts the image of the climber. The image is reflected a second time off the top surface of the prism (due to total internal reflection), flipping the image back to normal.

      Regular belay glasses use a fixed prism and therefore have a view centered around 60° from horizontal. Rotating regular belay glasses on your head does nothing to change the angle of view as increased refraction offsets the rotation. EyeSend’s adjustable prism allows the belayer to change the angle of view by adjusting the bottom mirror angle.

      EyeSend glasses are designed and manufactured in Logan, UT, USA. Keeping the product as local as possible helps reduce the manufacturing carbon footprint and feeds local businesses.

      Patent Pending

      The EyeSend Adjustable-View Belay Glasses are patent pending.

      Customer Reviews
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      Ran S.
      Israel Israel

      Great with some limitations

      The adjustable angle is great and there is a large field of view. But it is quite unpractical to look above / below the prism to get a direct look at the climber, also there is more Chromatic aberration (is that the right term) than I was used to from other gear I tried. But overall, I love to product!

      Zigmars Z.
      Spain Spain

      Amazing product and service!

      Item arrived well packaged and comes with anything you would need including hard pouch, cleaning cloth and service tool. Sturdy design despite it being made out of plastic and nothing is lose which is a good sign I suppose. Well done to the design and idea behind this product. Highly recommended.

      Nick M.
      United States United States

      Great Belay Glasses

      Love the style, adjustability, and that they are a local company! Highly recommend these glasses. The tool, and nice case are a nice addition too.