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Trainers Who Know Force Board

Did you purchase a Force Board training platform recently?

Are you wondering how to best optimize your training with Force Board?

If so, reach out to one of the strength coaches below. They are strength-training experts who know how to use the Force Board to optimize your training. Reach out to them! 

Mercedes Pollmeier MS, CSCS / Modus Athletica 

Mercedes Pollmeier

I am passionate about coaching motivated athletes to climb stronger not just for their next project, but for how they will feel long term, arming them with the knowledge to know themselves better as they pursue their athletic journey. It is my goal to advise athletes on how to train strength and flexibility effectively, while also working on their nutrition, mindset, and recovery.

I love seeing my clients progress and gain confidence, as well as to hear about all the new things they have learned about themselves through the process of training with me.

I also love to stay up-to-date with current research and am always continuing my education in the areas of health, fitness, and climbing. I have a Master's degree in Human Movement and Sports Conditioning. I am also a Certified Strength and Conditioning Coach through the NSCA and a Level 2 nutrition coach through Precision Nutrition.


Leif Gasch / SUBSTR8 Climbing Performance

Leif is the owner of SUBSTR8 Climbing Performance and has been involved in climbing training for almost a decade. Working in the construction trades prior to his career as a coach, he has an appreciation for the challenges of juggling a physically demanding career while trying to further one's climbing ability. This awareness led to the creation of SUBSTR8 and his philosophy of a steady and methodical approach to climbing training.
Leif believes in building strong foundations of strength and fundamentals for his athletes that will serve as a launch pad for all future training efforts. He continues to grow his knowledge base of strength and fitness training while also working towards creating standardization in the climbing training industry. He is a Certified Performance Climbing Coach and Instructor. He currently resides in Lander, Wyoming and climbs at the amazing local crags whenever possible.

Charlie Schreiber / Paradigm Climbing

Charlie Schreiber 

Coach Charlie Schreiber, CSCS has 16 years of competitive and outdoor climbing experience, coaching and competing at National Championships and World Cups, and over 100 double digit boulders up to V13. With coaching day 1 athletes to become Youth and Open National Champions, 5.14d sport climbers, and V15 boulderers, he is confident in his ability as a coach to guide you to the next level in your climbing. 

Through a holistic approach to your training and climbing, he addresses and continuously improves ALL areas of your physical and mental profile as well as all other life factors that affect your on-wall performance. 

As a certified strength and conditioning coach, he will take all of the worrying out of your programming. He will prescribe periodized training protocols; controlling volume, duration and load in order to optimize performance, prevent injury/overtraining, and improve performance over the short AND long-term.