Force Board Portable
Force Board Portable -- Close Up
Force Board Portable -- Close up Photo -- Outside
Force Board Portable -- Outside -- w/ Plate
Force Board Portable -- App Use on tripod
Force Board Portable -- Curl
Force Board Portable -- Pull Down User
Force Board Portable
Force Board Portable

Force Board Portable

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Force Board Portable

Get Strong Fast!

Force Board is a smart, weight-free strength training system targeting rock climbers and other athletes that require potent strength training for fingers and other muscle groups. 


Force Board Portable Device


Force Board Portable Integrates with the Force Board App 

Force Board App -- Main Screens

Train and Track Using the Force Board App 

  • Build and perform complete strength-training routines
  • Live visual and audible feedback 
  • Show and share recent workouts
  • Track your progress over time 
  • Free and Pro versions available

Download our Force Board App FAQ 

Technical Details

Force Board Portable Force Gauge

  • 300 kg or 450 kg options available
  • Bluetooth transmission to phone
  • 1200 mAh Li-ion rechargeable battery, lasts months between charges
  • Bluetooth connection LED
  • Charging and status LED
  • Reset button
  • On/off switch for maximum power savings
  • Automatic low power mode
  • Automatic tare when powered on 
  • Housing made from 100% post-consumer recycled plastic
  • Dimensions: ~4" x 3" x 1"
  • Weight:
    • 4 oz for 300 kg unit  (shipping weight 13.5 oz)
    • 6 oz for 450 kg unit  (shipping weight 15.5 oz)


Force Board App

  • Quick Start Mode
    • Gets you going fast!
  • Gauge Mode
    • Bluetooth crane scale
  • Pro Routines 
    • Repeaters
    • Max hangs
    • Endurance hangs
    • Recovery routines
  • User Customized Routines
    • Define number of holds, sets/hold, reps/set
    • Define rest between holds, sets and reps
    • Choose the type of equipment for varying muscle groups (from fingers to squats)
      • Fingers, shoulders, chest, legs, arms
    • Supports two-hand or single-hand finger workouts  
  • Track Progress Over Time
    • Records every rep from every routine
    • Set goals and track progress toward them
  • Real-Time Feedback
    • Work and rest timers 
    • Set target load for each hold
    • Audible and visual feedback when hitting target load 
  • Global Assessments
    • Peak Force -- a measure of your maximum pulling force 
    • Critical Force -- a measure of your endurance pulling force 
    • Stored Energy -- a measure of your anaerobic capacity 
    • Auto calculates ratios: Critical/peak, peak/weight, critical/weight, etc. 

Download our Force Board App FAQ