PitchSix Ambassador Program

Welcome to the PitchSix Ambassador Program!

This page gives an overview of the program. There's a signup link at the bottom.

We offer two broad commission structures: commission focus or philanthropic focus for your commission structure.

The commission focus gives 10% commission to you and a 10% discount to your followers.

The philanthropic focus still gives 10% discount to your customers, but donates your 10% commission to a charity of your choice and PitchSix matches with another 10% donation to the same charity.

1% for the Planet member

Why are we doing this? We've made giving back a central part of our company culture. We're especially focused on donating to environmental charities supported by 1% for the Planet.

Note that this is relatively fixed once setup, though with notice the structure can be adjusted for a specific campaign. 

Commission Focus

  • 10% discount code for your followers
  • 10% commission to you

Philanthropic Focus

  • 10% discount code for your followers
  • You donate 10% to charity
  • PitchSix adds an additional 10% to the same charity

Additional Benefits

  • One free pair of EyeSend belay rock climbing glasses
  • Other free swag as available (headband, stickers, t-shirt, etc.)
  • Receive a discount code for 20% off PitchSix products for personal use
  • Receive PitchSix promotional materials

Program Requirements

We'd like market our relationship with you by possibly including your profile on our website, marketing literature, email campaigns and social outreach. To that end, we request the following:

  • A short personal bio
  • Photo of you we can use in your bio
  • Personal endorsement/quote about our products
  • A photo or short video every couple of months of you using our products and/or climbing. If you send us more, we'll post more!
  • Your permission to use this material in our marketing efforts (permission implied when you sign up for the program)