Affiliate Program Description

Welcome to the PitchSix Affiliate Program!

This page gives an overview of the program. There's a signup link at the bottom where you may apply to be added to the program.

This program is designed for social influencers, bloggers, and others who love the EyeSend belay glasses and PitchSix's mission and want to help spread the word.

We offer two options when joining the program: Commission Focus or Customer Focus 

  • Commission Focus gives 10% commission to you every time a transaction is made using your affiliate code or link
  • Customer Focus gives a 10% discount to your customers (no commission to you, but a great way interact and show appreciation to your followers!)

Note that this is relatively fixed once setup, though with notice the structure can be adjusted for a specific campaign. 

    Additional Requirements and Benefits

    • Own a pair of EyeSend Belay Glasses, we want you to personally experience using the product to give accurate recommendations and reviews
    • If you don't already own a pair we want to help out by giving you one pair at 40% off
    • Send us an EyeSend product endorsement quote and cool picture of you using the EyeSend glasses that we can use in our marketing materials