Academy: Power Pushup

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Climbers need both strength and power. Power is just strength applied quickly. A power pushup is a great way to build power in your antagonistic pushing muscles. No extra weights are required and you can do it just about anywhere.  

To do the power pushup, rest with your chest on the ground, then pushup as quickly as you can. Repeat this several times in a set until you start to feel yourself slowing down. Slowing down means you’re losing power and it’s time to rest for a bit.

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You can make this exercise easier by elevating your upper body. You can make it harder by elevating your legs or launching your upper body off the ground, try clapping your hands when you do that. If a forward clap is too easy, try clapping behind you. If you’re coming off the ground, I’d recommend using a mat so you don’t put too much stress on wrists and shoulders.

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