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Force Board Portable

Force Board Portable

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Train and Track Using the Force Board App 

The Force Board app is both easy to use and provides an incredible amount of information to optimize your training.

Key Features:

  • Get started fast with the Quick Start ad-hoc routine
  • Auto start/stop for hands-free operation
  • Live visual and audible feedback 
  • Informative infographics generated for every workout session
  • Build and perform custom strength-training routines or start your journey with one of our pro routine templates
  • Choose two-hand or one-hand training, including single-hand repeaters and max pulls
  • Automatically captures RFD (rate of force development) on every rep
  • Visualize historical progress in your automated personal training ledger
  • Set goals and easily see progress toward them
  • Peak and critical force assessments, plus strength/weight ratios and stored energy
  • Leaderboard shows your relative position for all assessment data
  • Over 50 integrated hangboards and other equipment

Force Board User Guide

Basic vs Pro

Force Board has two subscription options:

  • Basic: Free
  • Pro: $5/month or $30/year

Both options give you more data than than any other climbing training tool on the market!




App Subscription


$30/year or $5/month


Session Storage

All sessions stored in cloud

All sessions stored in cloud


Historical Analysis

Total effort of last 3 routines

Total effort, RFD, Max, Average for all routines and every hold


Set goals & visualize progress


Total effort, RFD, Max, Average for all routines and every hold



Current peak & critical force, strength/weight ratios, stored energy

Current and historical peak & critical force, strength/weight ratios, stored energy

Current peak & critical force


Top 10 for all assessment data

Full leaderboard for all assessment data


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  • Jonathan Siegrist // Pro Climber

    "For anyone out there who takes their training seriously, you need this thing"!

  • Boone Speed // Founder, CEO, Grasshopper Climbing

    "Force Board opens a whole new era of data-driven training"

  • Dr. Tyler Nelson // DC, MC, CSCS

    "Force Board tracks every rep and lets you target specific physiologic components"

Technical Details

Force Board Portable Device

  • 300 kg or 450 kg options available (see table below)
  • Optional built-in temperature and humidity sensors (see table below)
  • 40 Hz sample rate
  • Bluetooth transmission to phone
  • 1200 mAh Li-ion rechargeable battery, lasts months between charges
  • Bluetooth connection LED
  • Charging and status LED
  • Reset button
  • On/off switch for maximum power savings
  • Automatic low power mode
  • Automatic tare when powered on 
  • Housing made from 100% post-consumer recycled plastic
  • Dimensions: ~4" x 3" x 1"
  • Weight:
  • 4 oz for 300 kg unit  (shipping weight 13.5 oz)
  • 6 oz for 450 kg unit  (shipping weight 15.5 oz)

Force Board App

Quick Start Mode

  • Gets you going fast!

Gauge Mode

  • Bluetooth crane scale

Pro Routine Templates

  • Repeaters
  • Max hangs
  • Endurance hangs
  • Recovery routines

User Customized Routines

  • Define number of holds, sets/hold, reps/set
  • Define rest between holds, sets and reps
  • Choose the type of equipment for varying muscle groups (from fingers to squats)
  • Fingers, shoulders, chest, legs, arms
  • Supports two-hand or single-hand finger workouts  

Track Progress Over Time

  • Records every rep from every routine
  • Set goals and track progress toward them

Real-Time Feedback

Work and rest timers 

Set target load for each hold

Audible and visual feedback when hitting target load 

Global Assessments

  • Peak Force -- a measure of your maximum pulling force 
  • Critical Force -- a measure of your endurance pulling force 
  • Stored Energy -- a measure of your anaerobic capacity 
  • Auto calculates ratios: Critical/peak, peak/weight, critical/weight, etc. 

Free and Pro App Versions

  • Free version stores all workout sessions and gives you access through the Feed Screen, including seeing all Session Details.
  • Pro version gives more fine-tuned filtering and data views on the Ledger chart and Leaderboards. This is analysis you cannot get anywhere else!
  • Pro version is $29/year or $5/month

Force Board Advantages

Force Board

Superior Data Visualization

Force Board offers compelling data visualizations for each workout, session history and goals. These tools let you easily explore the history for a given routine or hold.


Force Board starts a rep when you pull on it and stops when you stop. Routines are fully timed, but the device will wait if you're off schedule. Force Board is totally hands free!

RFD on Every Rep

Force Board automatically captures Rate of Force Development on every rep, letting you train grip speed coincident with other protocols.

Explicit Routine Design

Each routine can be intermixed for both hands, left, right, splitting reps left then right or splitting sets left then right (single-hand repeaters).

Strong Enough for All Exercises

Force Board comes in 300 kg or 450 kg load capacities. 300 kg is enough for fingers and other muscle groups for all but the strongest people.


Data List Only

Other systems list basic data, such as the peak force for a rep, but don't break that data down into actionable visualizations or collect together data from a given routine.

Timer Driven

Other systems make you a slave to the timer--you must start the rep when the timer says to start or tap the phone to pause. If you don't start right on time, your data is invalid.

Separate RFD

Other solutions require a separate exercise to capture RFD, making it less useful for regular workouts.

Simple Routine Categories

Other devices collect together only repeaters or max hangs, making it difficult to search for a particular routine from a captured list.

Lower Strength

200 kg is not sufficient for all muscle groups beyond finger training or very strong people with just finger training.

Get Started

Force Board Portable Device Options

The Force Board Portable device comes in three different options.

Force Board Portable 300

Force Board Portable 300e

Force Board Portable 450

Model Number




Load Capacity

300 kg

300 kg

450 kg

Temperature and Humidity Sensor