PitchSix Announces Kickstarter Launch for Adjustable Belay Glasses

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: PitchSix Announces Kickstarter Campaign Launch for EyeSend Adjustable-View Belay Glasses

LOGAN, Utah, Nov. 8, 2019 – PRLog – PitchSix, LLC announced today that it has launched a Kickstarter campaign for the EyeSend Adjustable-View Belay Glasses. These are the first belay glasses on the market that allow you to adjust the field of view.

“Climbers have long used belay glasses to elevate their field of view while belaying,” said Matt Cupal, PitchSix founder and EyeSend Inventor. “But current belay glasses only elevate your field of view by a fixed 60°. Climbing cliffs are often around 90° or even steeper. EyeSend glasses adjust from 60° to about 120°. This allows climbers to belay on any cliff without bending their neck.”

In addition to offering game-changing adjustability, EyeSend glasses have a host of other features that make them the premium belay glasses on the market. These include an integrated neck strap for easy on/off capability and a case that’s robust enough to hold up to the rigors of rock climbing.

"I see climbers with tight necks all the time in my clinic,” said Dr. Tyler Nelson, DC, MS, CSCS, of Camp4 Human Performance in Salt Lake City, UT. “Cranking your neck up to give a good belay is not what your spine is meant to do. The adjustable EyeSend glasses are way better than regular belay glasses at letting you keep a neutral neck position while not losing sight of your climber. All belayers should get a pair!"

PitchSix has joined the 1% for the Planet movement and is pledging to plant a tree for every pair of EyeSend glasses sold. “Building products with an eye toward sustainability is very important to us,” said Cupal. “We’re very excited to that our glasses will have a positive impact on the environment.”

The EyeSend Kickstarter campaign runs for 30 days from November 8th to December 7th. Pricing for the EyeSend glasses on Kickstarter ranges from $79 to $99. EyeSend glasses will retail for $125 when they are released to the broader market in the first part of 2020.

For more information, visit PitchSix , or the Kickstarter campaign page.

About PitchSix

PitchSix is a startup based in Logan, Utah. PitchSix is focused on building innovating products for committed climbers and helping to preserve the outdoor environments that make climbing great.
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