Gear Junkie writes about "Belay Glasses: Who Needs Them and Which to Buy"

Emma Renly, from Gear Junkie, calls the EyeSend belay glasses the "Sendy" variation. Other category choices were "practical," "economic," and "fashionable."

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Here are some key excerpts:

What one piece of gear has everyone from free-climbers in Yosemite to competitive gym climbers talking? A pair of funky-looking spectacles.

When we asked a handful of climbers their opinions, four distinct categories of climbers emerged that all recommend wearing the glasses. We call these belay glasses faithful “sendy,” “practical,” “economic,” and “fashionable” climbers.

The Sendy Climber

There’s a reason why professional climbers such as Beth Rodden and Pamela Shanti-Pack recommend the PitchSix EyeSend Adjustable-View Belay Glasses.

The latest creation out of Salt Lake City, this clever design is for a climber who knows how to get after it. Unique to PitchSix, the prism on these glasses can be adjusted to change the belayer’s point of view from 60 to 120 degrees without straining the neck.

Rodden, most commonly found climbing Yosemite’s difficult multipitches, believes the adjustable prism is a game-changer, especially for overhanging and steep pitches.

“Who knew such a simple addition to belay glasses could be so revolutionary?!” she said.

Shanti-Pack, known for her bold first ascents in Indian Creek, agreed: “Belaying someone for an hour-long off-width lead sucks without them.”

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