Black Sheep Adventure Sports puts EyeSend Belay Glasses on Climbers Gift Guide 2019

EyeSend belay glasses with case outdoors.

Monte Johnston, Editor in Chief at Black Sheep Adventure Sports recommends EyeSend Belay Glasses in their fifth annual gift guide!

"While I typically wrap-up these articles with a photo of a flask and a good single malt scotch, I’ve decided to break with tradition and include some cool new belay glasses instead. These glasses, dubbed the EyeSend, are unique and quite innovative in a category of equipment that seems almost cookie cutter by comparison. Designed by a startup called PitchSix they actually allow the belayer to change the view angle! This means that regardless of how steep or slabby a crag is you can easily adjust the glasses to obtain a comfortable belay stance. They also work well at adjusting the viewing angle as a climber ascends a route to keep your head at a comfortable angle. Very cool and definitely worth checking out! Alas, they’re not yet available in stores but can be found on Kickstarter where they’re taking preorders as of November! A great gift for any avid climber".

View the Gift Guide Here!

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