Frequently Asked Questions

What happens if my temples come off?

  • The EyeSend temples are designed to snap off before the glasses themselves break. Sometimes, if you pull out too strongly on the temples, they will snap off. The temples can be snapped back on by holding the joint between the temples and the frame and pressing them firmly together. It helps if you rotate the temple slightly back and forth relative to the frame. See our video here on how to do this. 
  • We recommend not pulling out strongly on the temples when putting the glasses on and off.

Where does the name EyeSend come from?

  • Using the EyeSend glasses, you can send your eyes up the rock with the touch of a lever.

Where does the name PitchSix come from?

  • PitchSix is focused on committed climbers. Climbing six pitches in a day, whether that’s multi-pitch, at a crag, or in the gym, is one sign of that commitment. Learn more about us.

How are the EyeSend glasses made?

  • EyeSend glasses are made from injection-molded plastic. Housed in their protective case, they are designed to be robust enough to hold up to the abuses climbers put on products, such as carrying them around in a backpack. The plastic is made from approximately 25% recycled material.

Where are the glasses made?

  • EyeSend glasses are made in Logan, UT, USA.

Do the belay glasses work with my regular glasses?

  • EyeSend glasses work better than regular belay glasses over prescription or sunglasses. This is because you can let EyeSend ride lower on your nose and use the lever to still adjust the angle of view upward. Move EyeSend down your nose a bit let’s you have more space for your regular glasses. 

Do belay glasses make me look cool?

  • Most definitely. Okay, we lie. It’s really hard to look cool with triangular prisms sticking out of your face. You’ll look interesting, though. 

How do you adjust the angle on the belay glasses?

  • Rotate the view adjust lever up and down to change the angle of view
The lever on left side of the belay glasses adjust the angle of view on EyeSend glasses.

When should I wear EyeSend glasses?

  • As with all belay glasses, you should wear them only when belaying. Belay glasses can be disorienting. We recommend putting them on before your climber starts up their climb, but initially leaving them low down on your nose. Once your climber reaches their second anchor point up the climb (about 10-15 feet) then use your non-break hand to slide them into position. 

Why should I wear belay glasses?

  • Belay glasses help reduce neck strain on a belayer. EyeSend glasses do a better job of this than any other glasses on the market because they offer an adjustable field of view and can be angled much steeper than other belay glasses. 

Do EyeSend glasses come with a warranty? 

  • PitchSix warrants the EyeSend belay glasses to be free from manufacturing defects for a period of one year. If you feel the glasses have a workmanship failure in one year from the date of purchase, contact PitchSix customer support ( with photos and a description of the failure. If PitchSix deems the issue to be covered by warranty, PitchSix will repair or replace the glasses free of charge (shipping not included). This warranty excludes normal wear and tear, oxidation, customer modififications, incorrect storage, improper maintenance, negligence and uses for which the product was not intended