Force Board

Force Board is a smart, weight-free strength training system targeting rock climbers and other athletes that require potent strength training for fingers and other muscle groups. 

The Force Board System consists of:

Force Board: Weight-Free Strength Training Platform

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Superior Training for Climbers and Other Athletes

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  • Full-body training WITHOUT WEIGHTS
  • LIGHTWEIGHT & PORTABLE for training on the go
  • TRAIN & TRACK every rep with the Force Board App
  • OVER 600 LBS of training resistance
  • ISOMETRIC TRAINING for fingers and other muscle groups


Force Board According to the Pros

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  • Assess your strength and endurance by completing our Peak Force & Critical Force tests available in the Force Board App. Track live data to understand where you need to improve. 
  • Train using routines designed by professionals, or make your own custom routine. Force Board will help you turn your weaknesses into strengths. 
  • Improve by setting goals and tracking your progress. 

Force Board App

The Force Board app provides and incredible amount of information to help you build the right training plan for you. We've strived to make it easy to use, with features like the Quick Start routine and auto-pause on the force device. 

The app is available for both iOS and Android platforms. There is a free version that includes a tremendous number of features, including custom routines, pro routine templates, peak force and critical force assessments, and more. For $29/year, you can upgrade to the Pro version. The main benefit for Pro is we store all of your workout sessions in the cloud instead of just the last three. 


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